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Fuel Book is revolutionary

A smart device which provides Fuel Analysis, Tag, Smart Horn, Black Box, Car Diagnosis and so much more
Fuel Book Features

Smart Car Redefined

Fuel Book not only delivers a smarter driving experience but also awakens an innovative and safer community
fuel analysis
Fuel Analysis

 when running low on Fuel get notified with the nearest Fuel Stations, ATM's, Mileage and More 

fuel book smart horn
Smart Horn

 With Smart Horn you can now know what's the hold-up on the Traffic Jam, and especially make way before an ambulance passes by 

fuel book tag

 Send the TAG link to another Fuel Book user and get to know their position, even when travelling as a group, stay updated 

park track
Park Track

 Let Fuel Book take care where you parked last,your history of parking locations and also find you the nearest available parking space, never loose track or create a hassle 

fuel book diagnostics
Self Diagnostics Engine

 Why do you need a mechanic when you can evaluate from your car's engine temperature to whether the exhaust is clogged 

fuel book terrain mapping
Social Terrain Mapping

 Be informed through Fuel Book whether the route you've taken has pot holes, unexpected speed breakers or bumps 

black box
Black Box

 Stuck in an Accident ! Need an Alibi ! With Fuel Book you can reveal your driving speed and survive the predicament 

Fuel Book SDK
Developer SDK/APIs

 We are building a developer friendly community and this is the start of something huge, with our SDK's were closer than ever 

Fuel Book Accessories
Fuel Book powered Accessories

 With our SDK's and Device API's you can build Fuel Book powered Accessories the possibilities are infinite 

Nerd Stats

We're awesome inside out !
Fuel Book Features


*ARM Cortex M3 Chipset
*RAM (128 Kilobyte memory) | 102 kilobyte OS | 26 kilobyte sensor data (7 days Sensor Data Store)
*Storage Memory (800 kilobyte)


*Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
*Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) (iOS 5+)
*Radio Frequency (433 MHz)


*3-axis Accelerometer (ADXL345)
*Magnetometer (HMC5883L - Triple axis)
*Temperature (DS18B20 - Water Proof)

How does it work ?

Fuel Book Diagnostics Port Finder

Open the Fuel Book App in your smart phone and launch the diagnostics port finder tool
Step 1
Fuel Book Plug In

Plug the Fuel Book device to the diagnostics port of your car.
Step 2
Fuel Book App

Search for the Fuel Book device and pair with the App to begin your Smart car experience.
Step 3

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